Robert Singerman is ​known widely for developing talent and new music business technologies as an entrepreneur, agent, manager, label executive, consultant, producer and music supervisor. Singerman represented incredible talents such as R.E.M.​, ​Gipsy Kings​, ​James Brown, Suzanne Vega​, ​Violent Femmes, ​10,000 Maniacs​,  Smithereens​, ​Fela Kuti​, ​Bad Brains​, ​pre-Beastie Boys​ and ​King Sunny Ade​, among many other artists. He has also represented several record companies such as Roadrunner in their US launch.

  • Robert Singerman
  • Keynote Speaker

With over a hundred platinum-and gold-selling records to his name, Jeff Bova is an American, ​Grammy Award​- winning producer and musician. Bova has been indulged in music ever since he was a child, then later expanding his knowledge at the Berklee College of Music​ and the Manhattan School of Music. He has been in the music industry for over 30 years, specializing in the art of the keyboard. In addition to that, he is an esteemed synthesist, programmer, arranger, composer, sound designer, editor and mixer.

  • Jeff Bova
  • Grammy Award Winning Producer

Peter Åstedt has been working in the music industry for over 25 years. He started his own record label, Dead Frog Records, at the age of fifteen in 1990. The label is still running and is one of the oldest in Sweden. Peter was an early protagonist of the digital revolution in the music industry.

Today Peter is a board member of SOM (Swedish independent music producers, the equality of AIM (UK) and A2IM (USA).

  • Peter Åstedt
  • Senior Advisor
    Live At Heart (Se)

Co-founder, A&R and Managing Director, Kyria Kilakos has been leading ​Indica Records​ for over 20 years. As a record industry veteran, entrepreneur, educator she has been involved in some of the most notable indie success stories including  Half Moon Run​, ​Phantogram​,  The Franklin Electric​ and ​Hollow Coves​, are just a few. On March 8th 2017, Kyria co-founded ​MTL Women in Music​, the Quebec chapter of Women in Music (Canada).

  • Kyria Kilakos
  • MTL Women in Music

Franz Schüller is president and head A&R at ​Indica Records​ in Montreal, Canada and in Sydney, Australia. He is also a founding partner of Iguana Management & manages the bands Half Moon Run & Phantogram. Franz also manages a number of younger artists in both Australia & Canada, including Franklin Electric, Tora, Foreign Diplomats & Hein Cooper.

  • Franz Schüller
  • Head A&R Indica Records

Sergio Noronha is a music industry professional with nearly 40 years of experience. Having had many differing careers in the business spanning from Music Journalism, Music Marketing, Radio and TV Production, Radio Marketing, Event Marketing and Promotion. Sergio takes the skills learned during his career in his current role as a freelance music journalist and promoter.

  • Sergio Noronha
  • Music Journalist
    & Promoter

Artur Peixoto is a promoter and festival organizer, working with Last Tour (Spain) on BBK Live + Azkena Rock Festival + BIME Conference, Sons em Trânsito (Portugal) and Rock in Rio Lisboa (Lisboa + Rio de Janeiro) in talent booking. Artur has worked with many artists like Coldplay​,  Madonna​, ​AC/DC​, ​Pearl Jam​, Foo Fighters​, ​Radiohead​,  Metallica​, Muse​, ​Green Day​,  Depeche Mode​, ​Kings of Leon​, ​Bob Dylan​,​ and many, many more.

  • Artur Peixoto
  • Head Booker
    Rockin’ in Rio

David Silbaugh is best known as a Talent Buyer for Summerfest, “The World’s Largest Music Festival”, in Milwaukee, WI. The 11 day festival books over 800 artists in nearly all genres, featuring international headlining artists as well as emerging artists. He also produces the noted Emerging Artists Series for the festival.

With a diverse background in music and the music business, David is also a voting member of The Recording Academy (GRAMMYs) and currently serves on The Recording Academy Advocacy Committee (Chicago/Midwest), the Board of Directors for Sing Me A Story, and the Advisory Board for FestForums.

  • David Silbaugh
  • Talent Acquisition

Jack Liao is the head of business department of Taiwan Television Enterprise having sponsorship, advertisement and branding alliance related working experiences for over 20 years. Established in 1962, Taiwan Television Enterprise is the first TV station in Taiwan and has been co- organizing GMA with the Ministry of Culture for years.

  • Jack Liao
  • Business Exec Taiwan Television Ent.

Sumesh is a creative and talented Media and Broadcasting expert with 25 years experience in conceptualizing, programming and packaging for television channels, promotional campaigns for products and events, branding and strategizing for businesses and online promotions. He also is a member for various sporting and cultural events of the government.

  • Sumesh Lal
  • Media & Festival Exec

Born in Cork, Ireland, brought up on the edge of Dublin and based in Los Angeles since 1996, Phil qualified as a doctor at the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland in 1977.

He became interested in alternative medicines, which led him among other things to creating a music therapy, and in turn, creating his own music and getting involved with the music industry through founding youbloom. He also founded the charity ​Human Health Project.

  • Phil Harrington
  • Founder YouBloom L.A./Dublin

Chiahua Yeh is the Director of Biz-Matching of​ GMA​, and is devoted to connecting music professionals among one another both domestically and internationally. This year he brought buyers and music festival curators from 18 different countries to ​GMA​, and organized artists exchange programs with Tokyo International Music Market (Japan), Big Mountain Music Festival (Thailand) and ​Live at Heart (Sweden), creating an excellent business platform for the music industry.

  • Chiahua Yeh
  • Director

Evan Murray has been beating drums and smashing guitars in the Canadian music scene since he was just a lad. From big opening spots, and major festivals with his Folk/Rock band Marystown, to the creepy crawling empty pubs of Canada as a hired drummer.

Murray has toured coast to coast across Canada, 3 times into Southern and Northern Europe, and has now blazed trails inside of India with his new Multinational Rock band, Lazie Bison.

  • Evan Murray
  • Event Coordinator

One of the first female Music Directors in radio, the first female to be hired in Montreal, Quebec to be Eastern Promotion Director for RCA Records, owner of legendary nightclubs (The Horseshoe Tavern, Route 66) Sandy Graham has over 40 years in the music industry, paving the road for other women to take their rightful place in positions in the future. Now the owner, CEO and Editor in-Chief of Cashbox Canada Magazine, Sandy continues to mentor and promote indie artists and and work with legendary greats who made her career possible.  

  • Sandy Graham
  • Music Industry Veteran and Editor